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The Lion's Eye: Seeing in the Wild


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oanna Greenfield dreamed of traveling to East Africa to study one of the last known populations of wild chimpanzees. When she was offered a once-in-a-lifetime chance, the young student set off from peaceful Kenya into politically hazardous Uganda. From there, a small team of guides led her into the mountains.


In stunningly evocative language, Greenfield depicts the beauty of the rainforest and the determination required to wait for one transcendent encounter in the wild. But even one of the most remote places in the world is not immune to terrifying man-made conflict. Greenfield and her team are robbed by poachers and harassed by soldiers. Eventually, it becomes too dangerous to continue her research, though she knows she may never be allowed to return.


THE LION'S EYE is the true story of one woman's burning mission to connect with animals--an adventure story and against-the-odds quest for a wilderness few of us have ever glimpsed.

Author: Greenfield, Joanna
Publisher: Little Brown and Company

ISBN 9780316328487
Dimensions: 0