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Survive! Inside the Human Body, Vol. 3 concludes our incredible tour of the human body with a wild ride through the nervous system. When Geo and Dr. Brain find themselves inside Phoebe’s brain, they must brave shocking electrical signals and navigate a maze of neurons and synapses.

Will the dynamic duo finally escape? And what’s the matter with Phoebe, anyway? As you follow this up-close exploration of Phoebe’s brain, you’ll learn how the brain and nervous system work.

Have you ever wondered...
–How your body protects your brain?
–Why your leg "falls asleep" when you sit in one position for too long?
–How CT scans, MRIs, EEGs, and PET scans work?
–Why humans have such big cerebrums compared to other animals?
–What your spinal cord and brain stem do?
–What kinds of new techniques doctors invent to diagnose and treat their patients?

Author: Gomdori Co
Publisher: No Starch Press; 1st edition

ISBN 9781593274733
Dimensions: 0