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Shameless Shortcuts

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The editors of Yankee magazine have collected the most ingenious, most effective ideas for snipping minutes from the activities of daily life. Time-pressured readers will appreciate the no-nonsense approach: every shortcut is explained in 200 words or less. Just 2 minutes of reading translates into practical knowledge that can free time immediately, whether it's a cooking tip that saves 5 minutes per meal prepared, a shopping shortcut that shears 10 minutes a trip when running errands, or a daily yard-scouting ritual that reduces yard work by up to 2 hours a week. After a single 30-minute session reading Shameless Shortcuts, you can save as much as 30 minutes a day -- every day! And that time is yours to use -- any way you like!

Author: Bradley, Fern Marshall
Publisher: Yankee Publishing

ISBN 9780899093901
Dimensions: 0