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Satanism Satanism, the main subject of this book, is the name for the so-called worship of Satan and it presents a grim example of movements that have emerged as a result of the weakened moral codes of society. No conscientious person can remain indifferent to young people being misled by such movements.
Satanism is defined as "the worship of Satan". Yet the Qur'an expresses very clearly in various verses that Satan is the "archenemy of man". Moreover the Qur'an also states that Satan never claimed to be an idol to be worshipped.
Unfortunately, the advent of Satanism is a warning that compels us to think about the mistakes we have made in bringing up the younger generation. If we fail to take early precautions, it may be too late for many young people.
Paperback /ISBN 1-932099-36-0/ 114 Pages
Price: 9,95 USD
ISBN: 1-932099-36-0

Author: Multiple Authors
Publisher: The Light

ISBN 9781932099362
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