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Moon Queen

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Mahperi, wife and mother of sultans, is at the center of this saga which
unfolds amidst the turbulent backdrop of the 13th century Seljuk Empire
of Turkey.
Mahperi the Moon Queen shone as brightly as the moon she was named for,
surviving with dignity in a competitive court ruled by both love and
hate in an era of builders and destroyers. Armed with intelligence and
determination, she courageously weathered power struggles with male and
female rivals, wars with the Mongols, intrigue at the court and ultimate
betrayal to become one of the most influential figures in the Empire.
Hers is the story of a woman who dreamed to build and leave a legacy in
stone, alongside enlightened Sufis and gifted craftsmen. It is the
portrait of love yearned, earned and lost.

Inspired by true events and people, Moon Queen weaves a bright carpet of
inspiration, by turns harrowing and heartbreaking, providing a new
perspective on one of the most glorious periods of Turkish history.

Author: Katharine Branning
Publisher: Blue Dome Press

ISBN 9781935295259
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