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Lucinda's Magical Yoga Adventure

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The wonder and whimsy of yoga come alive in Lucinda's Magical Yoga Adventure! Children will join Lucinda in exploring popular yoga poses, breathing and relaxation as they pretend to be the animals and characters they meet in the story. Written from a child's perspective, the book helps kids relate to the main character as they go on an adventure with her. All they need is a little imagination and yoga to discover their connection to themselves, their bodies and the world around them. More than a book, it's an interactive reading experience... kids will FLY like a BUTTERFLY, ROAR like a LION, stand tall like a TREE and more. The simple rhyming poems can be used as affirmations and to teach early reading skills. There are 10 yoga easy poses depicted through vibrant illustrations, as well as a breathing exercise and relaxation. Lucinda's Magical Yoga Adventure makes the perfect bedtime story for children ages 2 through 10!

Author: Betty Larrea (Author), Lorena Isabel (Illustrator
Publisher: Be Yoga Be Love Press

ISBN 9780578151465
Dimensions: 0