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It'll Be Irie: Staying True to Yourself

$1795 $1995

Raymond can't wait to move to America. He is determined to be the most American American ever! But when he gets to his new school his Jamaican roots show through and he must figure out how to be the most Raymond Raymond ever.


It'll Be Irie shows the challenges and discomfort of crossing cultures from both sides. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to give the little ones in their life the gift of celebrating who they are and learning to share their culture with others. Readers' Favorite
It'll Be Irie by Donn Swaby is a fantastic way to teach kids about crossing cultures - loved seeing Raymond's home culture play

Author: Donn Swaby
Publisher: Cardinal Rule Press

ISBN 9798985805178
Dimensions: 8x10 inches
Pages: : 32