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Islamic Perspective on Science

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“The universe has been made in the form of a book, intelligible, so as to make known its Author. The book addresses man. The aim is to make him read the book and respond with worship and thanks to the will of the Author. Man attains to that worship by uncovering, through scientific study and displaying the functioning of the universe.”
Islamic Perspectives on Science is a collection of articles by scholars of social and natural sciences including M. Fethullah Gülen and Prof. Suat Yildirim. Each article is an attempt to unveil the reality that Islam is a religion which encourages and supports scientific research, provided that it serves the man’s fundamental need of understanding and achieving meaningfulness in our existence.

Author: Ali Unal
Publisher: The Light

ISBN 9781597840699
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Pages: : 138