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Inner Dynamics of the People of Hizmet

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Distinctive Characteristics of Altruistic People
From loyalty and fidelity to modesty and chastity; from suffering and anguish to patience and perseverance; from submission to trust; from sincerity to tolerance… The Inner Dynamics of the People of Hizmet outlines the ideal characteristics of a philanthropic volunteer.

Embodied with such gem-like qualities, a person of Hizmet is the one who feeds his or her soul internally with recitations and worship, as well as externally by being an active member of his or her community.

With eloquent poetry and inspirational reading texts, this book exemplifies the qualities of an ideal person of service and is an essential guide to youth today.

Author: Fatih Degirmenli
Publisher: Tughra Books

ISBN 9781597842938
Dimensions: 0