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I'm an American Muslim in New York: Dialogues Toward Cohesion and Co-Existence


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To have something to say, that is the purpose of writing; to have a beneficial concept to spread, that is the purpose of a book. A good book therefore depends on spreading a good concept to an audience in need of it, and what better need is there than to reconcile two estranged siblings, better yet, two estranged civilizations: the Islamic and Western civilizations.It is imperative that conciliation requires words of wisdom, requires knowledge and understanding of one’s own humanity and purpose so that he or she seeks to nurture the humanity of others. Conflict between two humans, no doubt, is centered upon misunderstanding or ignorance of these concepts as applied to the individual and his counterparts. It is also common belief that man is the enemy of that which he is ignorant; that knowledge yields tolerance, yields compassion. This book addresses the two siblings, the two civilizations in dispute. Its message is peace, its means is dialogue. Upon dialogues between AbdAllah, a Muslim immigrant seeking refuge and an opportunity to practice his religion away from tyranny and Joy, an American peace activist searching for inner peace and Saeed, an American Muslim seeking assimilation rest the means of this book.

Author: Drak El Sebai, Aguiade
Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN 9781090491565
Dimensions: 0