Giants of the World


Tughra Books

$ 7.95 $ 9.95
ISBN: 9781597841399
Osman Kaplan(Author), Oznur Kalender (Illustrator) / Tughra Books


The magnificent diversity of life is celebrated in this vividly illustrated guide to large creatures. Kangaroos, ostriches, pandas, and crocodiles are among the 13 giant animals explored, providing young readers with a new appreciation for the bigger members of the animal kingdom while teaching them about each creature's distinctive characteristics and lifestyles. The secrets behind polar bears' below-ground snow shelters, how a whale feeds her baby under the sea, giraffes' ability to drink water with such long necks, and the symbiotic relationship rhinos have with birds are revealed as each animal "narrates" its own story and describes their survival skills and habitats.

Osman Kaplan is the author of several children's books, including the Idioms Through Fables series and the Math Stories series. He is the publishing director at Mustu Publishing. Öznur Kalender has illustrated more than 50 children's books.

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