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Exile: The Tragic Journey That Began on July 15th

$1495 $1695

In this Historical Fiction novel, the story follows a family's journey as they are forced to flee their country due to a corrupt government. The main characters-Tarik, Hatice, Meryem, and Melih-take a dangerous path to seek freedom in the midst of chaos in their home country of Turkey. Following the July 15th coup d'état attempt in 2016, which posed severe threats to followers of the Hizmet Movement, Tarik, the father of the family and a Hizmet follower, embarks on a journey with his family to ensure their safety. With richly developed characters and a compelling narrative, Exile explores themes of family, friendships, courage, life, and death.

Author: Firdevs Dilekchi
Publisher: Mustafa Dilekci

ISBN 9798891216471
Dimensions: 6x9 inches
Pages: : 224