Everest: Mountain Without Mercy (National Geographic)


Random House

$ 20.95 $ 35.00
ISBN: 9780792270140
Broughton Coburn / Random House


Since the first successful ascent of Everest 50 years ago, many others have attempted the daunting summit, and many have succeeded. But, though Everest can be climbed, it cannot be conquered. Few know this as well as David Breashears. A filmmaker and veteran climber of the Himalaya, Breashears agreed to lead the May 1996 expedition that would capture Everest in a large-format IMAX© motion picture. Even in the best conditions, Breashears knew, Everest is a dangerous challenge—that May, an unexpected blizzard proved how deadly it could be. Shocking the world, the storm claimed the lives of eight climbers, including two of the world's top expedition leaders.

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