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The Little Explorer's Words

$1795 $1799

Lexi loved adventures. Lexi loved to explore. Whenever something caught Lexi's attention, she just had to dig into it a little bit more. One day Lexi spotted something poking up from Grandma's lawn. And when she followed it? She embarked on the most marvelous adventure of them all!

A heartwarming tale of a little explorer who travels around the world collecting 30 unique, untranslatable words from different cultures and their meanings.
- An endearing story written in rhyme that also includes 30 untranslatable words for children to lead a more mindful life!
- A great way to encourage littles to develop a love for words and explorations.
- Perfect for bedtime reading, but can also be used as children’s first coffee table book.

Author: Worldwide Buddies
Publisher: Worlwide Buddies

ISBN 9798986865034
Dimensions: 6x8 inches
Pages: : 64