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The Art of Soldering

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Junk-Box Jewellery
The Art of Soldering for Jewellery Makers
Junk-Box Jewellery
This is a beautifully illustrated guide to creating eye-catching jewellery out of found or recycled objects, at very little cost. Sarah starts by demonstrating how to put together a basic tool kit for under GBP10 and then takes the reader through 25 projects, which include creating pieces from vintage earrings found in charity shops or car boot sales, seaglass washed up on the beach, driftwood, coins, vintage beads, old washers and buttons. The clear step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow projects are suitable for both beginners and intermediate makers, they are easily adapted to alternative found objects and enable the reader to create their own pieces using the skills they have learnt. The last section addresses good places to find materials, and advice on setting up a jewellery business if you want to take your hobby further.Online bookstore
The Art of Soldering for Jewellery Makers
The art of soldering - permanently joining metal components with a torch and solder - is seen as a challenge by many crafters. But this book makes it an easy-to-learn technique for creating beautiful jewellery projects. The book features clear instructions for jewellers of all levels, from the hobbyist to the experienced maker who is looking to expand their soldering skills. It includes pre- and post-soldering techniques, safety procedures, essential equipment and materials required, along with tips and tricks of the trade from leading jewellers. Plus fifteen inspiring step-by-step jewellery projects, including rings, necklaces, chains, earrings, bangles, and more.Books collection

Author: Sarah Drew & Wing Mun Devenney

ISBN 9789123482023
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