Art of Coexistence, the


Tughra Books

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ISBN: 9781597843461
Ismail Albayrak / Tughra Books


The global threat of war, terrorism, the increased gap between poor and rich, famine, malnutrition, global warming and pollution,
and many other social and cultural problems, pose a real challenge for present citizens of the globe. Intellectuals and politicians take these challenges as their primary concerns. Despite the existence of some pessimists, there are a number of initiatives working for the common good and expending great effort to solve these problems. The Hizmet (Gülen) Movement is one of the most influential initiatives that should be taken into consideration in this context. Fethullah Gülen is a Turkish Muslim scholar whose ideas have inspired and influenced many Turkish intellectuals, educators, students, businessmen, politicians and journalists inside and outside Turkey to establish schools, educational and intercultural centers, and humanitarian aids organization in more than one hundred fifty countries. Yücel and Albayrak cover the Hizmet Movement under the leadership of Fethullah Gülen from various perspectives in order to shed lights on current discussions.

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