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Annie Easley

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Women in Science and Technology: Annie Easley gives readers in grades 1-3 a brief biography of the NASA computer scientist. It covers her childhood, work for the space program, and outreach. Annie Easley didn't plan to become a computer, but she needed a job, and she was good at math. Her work at NASA helped send rockets into space. She lived a life of learning and helping others. Her story inspires all young people to enjoy science and math.

The biographies in this collection introduce students to influential women in science and technology, from astronauts to medical doctors. Each book includes a glossary, comprehension questions, a time line, and an extention activity.

Pub.Date: 08/11/2019, Paperback

Author: Eboch, M. M.
Publisher: Discovery Library

ISBN 9781731612267
Dimensions: 0