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MYMESCiD - Masjid Model for Children

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We used to play the funniest and happiest games of our childhood in a small house we built ourselves. Although times have changed, this excitement of the children has always remained fresh.
We want our children to make one of the most beautiful memories of their lives, the excitement of the first prayer, in their own mosque, which they will love and adopt.
You can set up MYMESCiD with your child, choose the most suitable place in the house for him and enjoy the nice and quality time you will spend together. With the imagination of your child
and your experience, you can turn the prayer prayer into a memory that will leave a lasting beautiful imprint in your life. Have a memory that you will be happy as you remember with your child ...
May prayer always be the gateway to happiness for our children. Let him play games in his small mosque and also recognize, love and perform prayer, which is the most important worship of our religion.
Let this lovely and sincere experience with his family be one of the best moments of his childhood. Let him begin to worship, learn prayers, and live his faith with love, peace and happiness.
Let your child have a mosque ...

Author: ANT Stores
Publisher: MYMESCID

ISBN 8690942030221
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