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Unofficial Diary of a Roblox Noob : Boxed Set by Robloxia Kid


  • This great-value collection of stories features 4 tales from the main Robloxia Kid series plus the Christmas Special. The main series titles include Granny, Bee Swarm Simulator, Mad City, and Ro Ghoul, while the Christmas special takes the reader on an exciting adventures through the worlds of Work at a Pizza Place and Jailbreak. Robloxia Kid's fun and engaging Roblox books invite 10-year-old boys and girls (give or take a few) to follow Noob on some of the most exciting adventures in all of gaming fiction. Watch Noob avoid ingenious traps in Granny's spooky house; find adventures while beekeeping (or is it that adventure finds Noob?); work as a cop in a crime-ridden city, and even save Christmas from the mysterious Roblox grouch. Reading flows easily when you're immersed in the world of Roblox!
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    31.7 Oz

Author: Robloxia Kid
Publisher: Nord Vitae

ISBN 9780578745725
Dimensions: 0