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Wonders of the Land

$999 $1595

Illustrating the divine glory of the universe, this enlightening reference explores the extraordinary abilities and adaptations of 12 unique land animals, including a fox, turtle, camel, and chameleon. Each creature "speaks" about their particular survival tactics and special skills and explains how they enjoy social and familial interactions similar to humans. Children will be delighted to discover that termites build skyscrapers, spiders hunt with lassos, goats can forecast the weather, and elephants can communicate across long distances.

Osman Kaplan is the author of several children's books, including the Idioms Through Fables series and the Math Stories series. He is the publishing director at Mustu Publishing. Öznur Kalender has illustrated more than 50 children's books.

Author: Osman Kaplan(Author), Oznur Kalender (Illustrator)
Publisher: Tughra Books

ISBN 9781597841450
Dimensions: 0