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What It Means to Be a Teacher: A Celebration of the Humor, Heart, and Hero in Every Classroom

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Blending inspiration, motivation, and humor, longtime teacher Jennifer Larson draws on her years of experience and takes a loving and a lighthearted look at the challenges of working in a school-a perfect teacher appreciation gift for any educator.

Teachers everywhere know the struggle is real-the overcrowded classrooms, bus duty in the rain, and staff meetings that definitely should have been an email. From the endless battle with the copier to constantly disappearing pencils, no one can deny that being a teacher is tough. But What It Means to Be a Teacher reminds you exactly why you do what you do.

With a heaping helping of humor and heart, longtime teacher Jennifer Larson reflects on the challenges teachers face every day and adds a laugh-out-loud perspective that resonates with educators everywhere. Both amusing and affectionate, What It Means to Be a Teacher is a perfect thank you gift for those special people who dedicate their lives to inspiring and supporting others and captures why being a teacher is the best job in the world.
Pub.Date: 04/14/2020, Hardcover

Author: Larson, Jenn
Publisher: Adams Media Corporation

ISBN 9781507212486
Dimensions: 0