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Twilight HYPERCOLOR Heat Sensitive Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Large 4 inch 3.2


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  • Twilight large 4 inch tin contains 3.2 oz Hypercolor Thinking Putty
  • Twilight | Hypercolor Thinking Putty Inspiring songwriters, painters, and poets, the beautiful shades of twilight are also the inspiration behind Twilight Hypercolor Thinking Putty. Twilight is the time of day when the sun sets into dusk.
  • These Heat Sensitive Hypercolors really make their mark!
  • Hypercolor Thinking Putty is thermochromic -- just a touch from your hands or a warm coffee mug will reveal a new "hot" color. Allow it to cool off or stick it in the fridge! Then the "cool" color will be restored. You can even do tricks with Hypercolor Thinking Putty!
  • Age 3+

Author: ANT Stores

ISBN 718122787050
Dimensions: 0