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Time to Pray with Zaky (DVD)


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Time to Pray with Zaky is the world's first animation film teaching children the most important pillar of Islam - prayer (salaah) and ablution (wudu). 

Zaky and his friends are playing in the fields when the athaan is heard from the nearby mosque. The children go to make wudu but Abraham is missing. Zaky finds him and realizes that Abraham doesn't know how to make wudu or pray. "That's okay, Abraham. We'll teach you", says Zaky. 

Abraham is excited and joins the rest of his friends as they all offer to help teach him the steps. Together with Teema, Toofa and Kazwa, Zaky teaches Abraham the simple steps of wudu and prayer... and they all learn some extra things along the way!

Time to Pray with Zaky is a fun educational and animated film for children of all ages. It is designed to assist your child in learning the simple steps of making wudu and prayer, the most important pillar of Islam.

Author: ANT Stores
Publisher: 1Islam Productions

ISBN 9337463010002
Dimensions: 0