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There is a River


A reissue of the landmark, worldwide bestseller on the life of the famed medical clairvoyant and founding father of the New Age, Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) is known to millions today as the grandfather of the New Age. A medical clairvoyant, psychic and Christian mystic, Cayce provided medical, psychological and spiritual advice to thousands of people who swore by the effectiveness of his trance-based readings. But Cayce was not always a household name. When a young, sceptical journalist named Thomas Sugrue first met Cayce in 1927 the world had not yet heard of "the sleeping prophet." During years of unique access, Sugrue completed his landmark biography, which, on its publication in 1942, brought national attention to Cayce and stands as the sole record written during the seer's lifetime. This edition includes a new introduction by historian, Mitch Horowitz, which highlights the enduring meaning of Cayce's message.

Author: Sugrue, Thomas
Publisher: Tarcherperigee

ISBN 9780399172663
Dimensions: 0