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The Vegan Embargo


Mason McLaughlin has spent a year pining for the one he let go—the one who didn’t want marriage or children—but he’s tired of being alone. He is determined to put the past behind him when a stunning colleague named Tessa takes him by surprise, figuratively barging into his life. Their relationship moves fast, and even though he knows they have the same goals, every new experience drags up unbidden and unwelcome comparisons to his ex-girlfriend. As they move forward, he can’t help but wonder if he’s made the right choices.Until an accidental pregnancy breaks the cycle and leads Mason to everything he’s always wanted to be: a homeowner, a husband, a father… but none are exactly what he thought they would be. He and Tessa disagree on nearly everything, and he finds himself making compromise after compromise.And in the midst of it all, tragedy strikes.

Author: Mascarenhas, L F
Publisher: Lionnel Mascarenhas

ISBN 9781949002010
Dimensions: 0