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The Sultans Kitchen: A Turkish Cookbook


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“Turkish cuisine abounds in fragrant, spicy dishes… Ozcan offers a complete course in his native cuisine”.
New York Times Book Review

“Not to be missed…a gem. This is real Old World cooking… devotees of Mediterranean cuisine would be remiss not to add this book to their collection.”
Boston Globe

“A wonderfully varied selection… Ozcan’s versions of the famous dishes ezogelin corbasi (a red lentil soup) and ‘shepherd’s salad’ are the most richly and complexly flavored I’ve eaten”.

ISBN: 962593944X
Publisher: Periplus
Author: Ozcan Ozan
Format: Paperback, 156 pages, 9"x11" (22.5x28cm)

Author: Ozcan Ozan
Publisher: Periplus

ISBN 9789625939445
Dimensions: 0