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The Gulen Hizmet Movement and Its Transnational Activities

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This volume of essays on the Gulen, or Hizmet (service) movement, a Turkish, Sufi Muslim, and humanitarian civil society group, looks at the recent activities of its followers to practice their form of Islam and carry out collective interfaith projects at the international level. It adds to the newly burgeoning discourse by focusing on the ways in which participants challenge ideological and sectarian boundaries. Included are essays which discuss how the movement is organized, structured, and institutionalized in many parts of the world, explore Turkey's global influence, evaluate criticisms of the movement, and suggest directions for further research. While most previous scholarly attention has focused on the theological and philosophical ideas of Fethullah Gulen, the movement's inspirational figure, less attention has been paid to the ways in which participants have interpreted and carried out Gulen's messages in the contemporary world.

Author: Pandya, Sophia (Editor), Gallagher, Nancy (Editor)
Publisher: Brown Walker Press

ISBN 9781612335476
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