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The AOC Generation: How Millennials Are Seizing Power and Rewriting the Rules of American Politics (Hardcover)

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A grassroots look at the future of US politics as the next generation of progressive organizers—sparked by the unstoppable rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—leads us toward a new direction

The AOC Generation examines the resurgent young left—including groups like Justice Democrats, the Democratic Socialists of America and Brand New Congress—and documents how and why they got active and energized in political organizing, the success and limitations of their approaches—and through their stories, it tells the history and the future of a generation.

In 2018, the country watched as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rose from unknown part-time bartender to the halls of Congress at the age of 29 and became a household name for her progressive, passionate politics. With firsthand accounts detailing the final days of her campaign, which he spent beside her as she fought for every last vote, Freedlander connects her ample political talents and ability to command the media and the public’s attention to the newfound political awakening of millennial activists. Inspired in part by the Bernie Sanders campaign, and furthered by a series of critical issues including catastrophic climate change, a rigid political system, and widening income inequality, these young people organized into new groups that became a conduit for their energy, ideas, and passions. And all of their activity isn’t just political. They’ve created their own media eco-system, with podcasts, streaming networks, and even dating sites that cater to their interests.

With this new generation gaining traction, with little signs of backing down and securing crucial political seats as Ocasio-Cortez did in 2018, 
The AOC Generation presents a thoughtful analysis of how they came of age in an America they are determined to reshape.

Author: David Freedlander
Publisher: Beacon Press

ISBN 9780807036433
Dimensions: 9 x 5 inches
Pages: : 232