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Someone Could Get Hurt A Memoir of Twenty-First-Century Parenthood


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A sharp, funny, and heartfelt memoir from the author of The Hike and The Postmortal about fatherhood and the ups and downs of raising a family in modern America 

No one writes about family quite like Drew Magary. In Someone Could Get Hurt, he reflects on his own parenting experiences to explore the anxiety, rationalizations, compromises, and overpowering love that come with raising children.

In brutally honest and funny stories, Magary reveals how American mothers and fathers cope with being in over their heads—from getting drunk while trick-or-treating and telling dirty jokes to make bath time go smoothly to committing petty vandalism to bond with a five-year-old.

Someone Could Get Hurt offers a hilarious and heartfelt look at child rearing with a glimpse into the genuine love and compassion that accompany the missteps and flawed logic. It’s the story of head lice, almost-dirty words, flat head syndrome, and a man trying to commit the ultimate act of selflessness in a selfish world.

Author: Magary, Drew
Publisher: Magary, Drew

ISBN 9781592408764
Dimensions: 0