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Seljuk Cuisine A Chefs Quest for His Soulmate

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Many empires have left their mark on Anatolian culture. And above all, these diverse influences can be seen in the varied cuisines eaten all over modern day Turkey. In his book Seljuk Cuisine, Omur Akkor looks at the cuisine of one of the earliest empires to come to Anatolia, the Seljuks. Through storytelling and history-rich recipes, Akkor shows how deeply food was intertwined with everyday life during the Seljuk period. Through a vibrant and engaging narrative, he provides a window into what the Seljuks ate in their Dervish lodges and palaces, in their markets and homes. Then he lists many of those recipes, so that you can eat the same food the Seljuks ate many centuries ago. Part short story, part history book, and part cookbook, Seljuk Cuisine brings ancient history to life—and into your kitchen.

Author: M. Omur Akkor
Publisher: Blue Dome Press

ISBN 9781935295549
Dimensions: 0