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Secret Decoder Book

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Product ID: 5248
Use the decoder wheel to solve the mystery . . . then turn the page for a whole new challenge! This exciting spy activity book has 18 pages of codes to crack and whodunits to solve. A few turns of the included decoder wheel--bound right into the book and visible from every page--will help young detectives complete each challenge as they put their deductive skills to the test! To uncover even more case-busting clues, sneaky double agents, and hidden treasure, a magic-reveal pen is included, giving every page plenty of play value. It all stores neatly within the tab-close covers--perfect for spies on the go.

    Activity book and spy tools for kids
    Crack the codes to solve the mysteries!
    Rotary decoder wheel is easy to use and has unlimited play value.
    Includes 18 activity pages, decoder wheel, and magic-reveal pen.
    Part of the Melissa & Doug On-the-Go line of travel games and activity books

Author: Melissa & Doug
Publisher: Melissa & Doug

ISBN 000772052481
Dimensions: 0