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Science and Faith Two Faces of the Same Fact

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Trust in the unity of knowledge was initially shaken by Descartes’ Cartesian dualism. This quake was followed by positivism in the 19th century. On the binary scale, it was ignorance against scientific thought up until positivism replaced it with religious faith and reasoning. From then on, that peculiarity of dualism has been coiling around the circles of philosophy and knowledge almost as a dogma, whereas in reality, science and faith are two different lights that emanate from the same truth. Yes, there exist some stances seeking to present science and religious faith in opposition to one another. It is even claimed that an individual scientist may be a believer, but science itself must be unbelieving. This humble collection of articles published in The Fountain Magazine infers that science and faith walk side by side on the path seeking to uncover the nature of human beings and the mysteries of creation. Any kind of knowledge, however scientific it may be, is doomed to err if it rejects the cooperation of faith. The situation has been that human beings, from time to time, have denied religion in the name of science and denied science in the name of religion, arguing that the two present conflicting views from one another. Consequently, the fundamental question that needs to be answered is simple: If all knowledge belongs to God and religion is from Him, how then can the two be in conflict?

Author: Mustafa Mencutekin
Publisher: Blue Dome Press

ISBN 9781935295235
Dimensions: 0