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Rumi and Confucius

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Rumi and Confucius: Two great names, two great thinkers.

Despite the fact that Confucius and Rumi were born in dif­ ferent periods and places, both were born at a time of social upheaval and political turmoil. Consequently, both thinkers tried to provide the means for their people to overcome the times of difficulty, first by understanding, cultivating, and realizing their human potentialities, and then by transform­ ing themselves, their families, and their societies.
Interestingly, Rumi and Confucius share more in com­ mon than most people would think and their teachings are still meaningful and relevant to the modern world. The wis­ dom of Confucius and Rumi provides today's readers with spiritual resources to overcome the challenges of our time and to build bridges of understanding and dialogue among different cultures and civilizations.
This book examines the core ideas of these two great thinkers and provides anthropocosmic insights into their ideas on nature, family, and music.

Prof Dr. ibrahim Ozdemir is the rector of Gazikent Univer­ sity, in Gaziantep, Turkey. He has traveled widely in the Muslim world and the West. Ozdemir addresses a variety of audiences on topics related to the philosophy of religion, world religions, Sufism, environmental philosophy, sustain­ able development, religion and the environment, interfaith dialogue, and Islamic studies.

Author: Ibrahim Ozdemir
Publisher: Tughra Books

ISBN 9781597842723
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