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Revealing Pearls and Diamonds - Selected Prayers of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) (White Paper): Commentary on Selected Duas of Rasulullah


Rasulullah (saw) was the embodiment of humility and humbleness with the embodiment of gratitude and gratefulness to Allah essentially, and to the creation as the reflection of this core essential. The Quran mentions about Rasulullah And We have not sent you Oh Muhammad!, except as a mercy to the worlds [Anbiya:107].The Quran specifically mentions the high status of Rasulullah embodying this role model for all creation. One of the examples of this embodiment is through the engagements of dua, the prayers. In this regard, this book tries to reveal this very critical robust dynamics behind the mere or simple looking words. The transliterations of the original Arabic duas are presented in the footnotes as well in order to engage non-Arabic readers with the original sounds of these prayers. Yet, they are the pearls and diamonds and but one should try to uncover, think, realize, understand, appreciate and use them regularly.

Author: Dr. M. Yunus Kumek
Publisher: Medina House Publishing

ISBN 9781950979097
Dimensions: 1
Pages: : 127