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Ramadan Go! - Ramadan Board Game for Kids | A Unique Islamic Gift Idea and Fun Ramadan Activity for Kids Ages 5 and Up | 50 Educational Cards, 20" x 20" Deluxe Board, Hardcover Box

$3995 $4999

  • A UNIQUE RAMADAN / EID GIFT: What Ramadan present can offer hours of fun, bonding, excitement, and learning? Embark a joyous Ramadan journey with family and friends this year with “Ramadan Go!” board game. Custom illustrations, heavy-duty 20” x 20” deluxe quad-fold board and hardcover box will make Ramadan Go! the perfect keepsake gift under your Ramadan decorations and lights.
  • LEARNING AND FUN: Children do not forget when they learn with pleasure and fun! While enjoying the excitement of the game, players will discover and learn with 30 Ramadan question cards at 2 difficulty levels for different age groups and 20 number cards.
  • REINFORCED POSITIVE HABITS: Collect the star beads with the good deeds! There are colorful stars for Fasting, Quran, Taraweeh, Sadaqah, Dhikr, and for the question cards. Players form their custom bead cord as they collect the stars with good deeds and put on their cord. The password of “BASMALA” unlocks the bonus stars but only if it is said “BEFORE” an act. Watch players rushing to use the password right on time!
  • SURPRISE with a NEW RAMADAN ACTIVITY: Did you try Ramadan journals, planners, advent calendars, stickers, coloring books as activities with your child, and looking for something new? Ramadan Go! will be the perfect surprise Ramadan activity for children this year.
  • PERFECT SCREEN TIME ALTERNATIVE: Let your kids bond with their peers after iftar dinners with genuine interaction and fun instead of via their digital devices. Ramadan Go! is the new activity they can learn and have fun with family and friends. Game nights have a new name this Ramadan – “ Ramadan Go ! “
  • Ramadan Go! -- 1st ever Ramadan Board Game for Children | A Unique Islamic Gift & Fun Ramadan Activity for Kids 5 and up | 50 Educational Cards, 20” x 20” Quad Fold Deluxe Board, Hard Cover Box

Author: ANT Stores
Publisher: stoiQ

ISBN 60141100
Dimensions: 11.81 x 10.67 x 1.77 inches