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Ramadan Frugality And Thanksgiving

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Fasting Ramadan is one of Islam’s foremost pillars and greatest symbols. Many of its purposes relate to God’s Lordship and giving thanks for His bounties, as well as to humanity’s individual and collective life, self-training, and self-discipline.
* * *
The All-Compassionate Creator demands thankfulness in return for the bounties He has bestowed on humankind. Wastefulness is contrary to thankfulness and implies a slighting of the bounty in a manner that will cause loss. Frugality, however, means worthwhile respect for the bounty.
* * *
Thanksgiving is recognized by contentment and frugality, consent and gratitude; not giving thanks is symbolized by greed and waste, ingratitude and consuming without regard for what is lawful and unlawful.

Author: Said Nursi
Publisher: The Light Inc.

ISBN 9789757388746
Dimensions: 4.1 x 6.5 inches
Pages: : 36