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Prophet Muhammad and His Miracles (New Edition)

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Profound scholars say that the evidences of Muhammad's Prophethood and his miracles amount to about 1,000. Countless people have affirmed it in their own particular ways, and the Qur'an itself provides thousands of such proofs. Since Prophethood is a fact, and more than 100,000 persons have claimed it and worked miracles, Muhammad's Prophethood is established more securely than other Prophet's Prophethood. All evidence, qualities, and attributes related to other Messengers' Prophethood are found in a more perfect and comprehensive manner in the person Prophet Muhammad.

ISBN: 1597840440
Publisher: The Light, Inc.
Author: Bediuzzaman Said Nursi
Format: Paperback, 303 pp, 4.25"x6.5" (10.5x16.5cm)

Author: Bediuzzaman Said Nursi
Publisher: Tughra Books

ISBN 9781597840446
Dimensions: 0