Private and Royal Life in Ottoman Palace



$ 9.95 $ 11.95
ISBN: 9781935295457
Ilber Ortayli / Blue Dome Press

Topkapı Palace was the official and primary residence of the Ottoman sultans for almost four centuries of their 624-year reign. This illustrated guide to Topkapı Palace—the heart of a vast transcontinental empire until the mid-nineteenth century—explores Ottoman history, as it relates to specific sections of the palace.

Ortaylı, a famed Turkish historian and scholar, introduces the audience to the outer and inner sections of the palace as well as the family quarters, providing them with profound background information about their functions, architecture and decorations. His references to the palace customs, people, and particular events present the reader with a living history.

İlber Ortaylı, professor of history and the former director of the Topkapı Palace Museum, is the author of numerous books and articles on Ottoman history and is a frequent speaker on history and culture during the Ottoman era .

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