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Piar Kids Vehicles Puzzle Game Set / 2 Puzzles In 1 Box / 64 Pieces Puzzle In Total / Ages 4+


Vehicles Puzzle Game Set / 2 Puzzles in 1 Box / 64 Pieces Puzzle in Total / Ages 4 and Up / Piar Kids Show your child how to connect puzzle pieces. Then make her/him do the same. Even though your children find the puzzle-making difficult, encourage and help them to complete the puzzle. While playing, say the names of the animals they saw loudly. and make them say the names with you. Observe your children. With this puzzle game set, your children will both learn and have fun! With this set, your children will also: - Complete the pictures by completing 2 jigsaw puzzle sets. (Each puzzle has 32 pieces.) - Recognize vehicles. - Develop their visual memories. - Understand whole-part relationship. - Gain their first skills. - Develop their hand-eye coordinations and hand skills. - Contribute to their attention and visual memory developments. It develops attention and focusing skills. It makes the child establish whole-part relationship. It develops problem-solving skills. It contributes to self-confidence development. It helps hand-eye coordination, motor and visual memory development. Tested and approved by teachers.

Author: Piar Kids

ISBN 8682974923213
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