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Piar Kids Brain Games-2


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  • Drawings, Mazes, Flipped-Matched and Same Items
  • Completed Parts, Different Directions, Matching Shapes
  • Difference Puzzles, Shapes, Merge Items, Different Items
  • You can play activities over and over again thanks to the erasable cards
  • With an Erasable Whiteboard Marker
  • Tested and Approved by Teachers
  • Topics in brain games 2 set: - Drawings - Matching Items - Shapes - Different Shapes - Same Shapes - Completed Parts - Mazes - Different Items - Flipping Items - Find the Four Differences - Same Items - Find the Seven Differences - Combining Items - Listed Items - Matching Shapes - Different Directions

Author: Piar Kids

ISBN 8682974923138
Dimensions: 0