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Piar Kids Brain Games-1


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Brain Games-1 (Grade-Level 1) / Ages 3-6
Brain games 1 set is a set that contributes to the thinking skills, attention-concentration and focusing, visual and numerical intelligence development of children aged 3-6. This set allows you to play logic tests, games, puzzles, etc. on the cards over and over again with its erasable feature. With this educational game set, children will have fun and learn.

• - 48 Pages Erasable Cards
• - Drawings, Mazes, Flipped-Matched and Same Items
• - Completed Parts, Different Directions, Matching Shapes
• - Difference Puzzles, Shapes, Merge Items, Different Items
• - You can play activities over and over again thanks to the erasable cards
• - With an Erasable Whiteboard Marker
• - Tested and Approved by Teachers
• - Box size: 257x223 mm

Topics in brain games 1 set:
- Same Items
- Same Directions
- Same Shapes
- Different Items
- Different Shapes
- Matching Items
- Related Items
- Matching Shapes
- Opposite Items
- Related Pictures
- Picture Completing
- Matching Shapes
- Tracing the Items

Author: Piar Kids

ISBN 8682974923121
Dimensions: 0