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The Perfect Muslim Child

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Raising a child as a Muslim is getting harder in today's fast changing world. Whether you live in the West or in a Muslim country, concerned parents are struggling to create that balanced child that can be perfect for this world and the hereafter. After all, if God created us, has He not done so perfectly? Learn from an experienced mother of three teenagers and a youth mentor the steps needed to create that Perfect Muslim Child. A child you will be happy with and inshallah God will be happy with. Discover different methods required for each age group and how to balance yourself and your child during challenging moments. This book is an easy and contemporary read for anyone who wants to get started to correct themselves in their parenting or to start parenting before they are deep into it. Written primarily with a Muslim audience in mind, this book could help any parent with several techniques that they might have missed out on.

Author: Naqvi, Nargis
Publisher: INGRAM

ISBN 9781530978199
Dimensions: 6 x 0.3 x 9 inches
Pages: : 130