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Nuh (Noah) and the Great Flood

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This book is a continuation of a new academic project that relates to the detailed study of Ulu al – Azm ( Messengers of Firm Resolve ) and the stories of the prophets and messengers in the Qur’an. The book is part of the Messengers of Firm Resolve Compilation which I dream of completing. I hope from Allah that it is sincerely for His sake and beneficial for people. Mankind is in real need of knowing the lives of the prophets and messengers, an explanation of their biographies, their character, and the foundations of their message. It is in need of learning these things through the Book of Allah ( the Qur’an ) – that cannot be proven false from any angle, the authentic traditions of the Prophet (peace be upon him), and the statements of the great scholars, in a contemporary style that suits the phase that humanity is currently facing. A phase in which humanity is searching for convincing answers to major questions about God, the universe, life, Paradise and Hellfire, divine decree, prophets and their messages, ancient human civilizations, when they appeared and what they eventually became, the foundations of noble character, and spiritual morals. Questions about managing the struggle between truth and falsehood; guidance and misguidance; good and evil; and faith and disbelief.

Author: Ali Muhammed Sallabi

ISBN 9786257297646
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