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New Kitchen Garden: Organic Gardening and Cooking with Herbs, Vegetables, and Fruit


Nothing beats the flavour of home-grown produce. With down-to-earth advice from Adam Caplin, discover the satisfactions of growing your own herbs, vegetables, and fruit organically--and harvesting them to make delicious, healthy meals. Adam focuses on plants that are easy to grow and shows how creating a kitchen garden can be simple, and possible even if your outdoor space is no more than a patio. Kitchen Garden Basics covers getting started and explains why the organic approach produces such satisfying results. The core of the book--Gardening with Herbs, Vegetables, and Fruit--profiles all the popular varieties of edibles, grouped by type, and looks in detail at their virtures and cultivation requirements. Adam also looks at the plants' decorative qualities, showing how they can be grown on their own in beds and containers, in mixed borders, and combined with flowers, for their ornamental as well as their nutritional value. The gardening advice is followed by 35 mouthwatering vegetarian recipes from Celia Brooks Brown. *A bestseller, with over 26,000 copies sold in hardcover. *An illuminating new look at the delights and challenges of cultivating edibles. *Glorious photography by Caroline Hughes and William Shaw. *Organic gardening and cooking with herbs, vegetables, and fruit.

Author: Caplin, Adam
Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small

ISBN 9781845973650
Dimensions: 0