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My Mat (Lite)


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Do you wish for your child to get a head start in becoming a lifelong reader of both the Quran as well as books in the English language?

Your child's mind is amazing. It absorbs so much more than you thought possible. There's no reason why they can't be familiar with both the Arabic and English alphabet from a young age. And that's what My Mat offers you.

With My Mat Lite, you can teach your child both the English and Arabic alphabet in the simplest way while also having an enjoyable time with your child. Here’s how:

My Mat Lite works with Kiitab (sold separately) which reads the letters out, plays games, and sings alphabet songs for your child to get the most out of the experience.
My Mat includes both the English and Arabic alphabet which will help your child become familiar with both languages and help them read the languages in later life.

The letters are presented in a colorful array making it visually appealing and helpful to your child in remembering both alphabets.

The edges of the mat are curved so it is safe to use and won’t hurt your child as it is very soft.

My Mat Lite is lightweight making it easy to carry around anywhere you go without worrying about it.

My Mat is our longest-serving alphabet toy and has helped thousands of children across the globe getting familiar with the English and Arabic alphabet. It measures approximately 23cm by 16cm. It’s the perfect way to start your child’s world of literacy!

Author: Learning Roots

ISBN 9502595624773
Dimensions: 0