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My Guide to Understanding Islam vol 1

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My Guide to Understanding Islam is a 3-volume set for today’s Muslim youth. This book is suitable for the curriculum of Islamic schools or for use as a self-study material. Faith, worship, and good manners are essential for any Muslims on the path of intellectual, social, and spiritual maturation and perfection. As the eminent scholar Bediüzzaman stated, “Belief is both light and power. Those who attain true belief can challenge the universe and, in proportion to their belief’s strength, be relieved of the pressures of events… Belief requires affirming Divine Unity; affirmation of Divine Unity requires submitting to God; submission to God requires relying on God; and reliance on God yields happiness in both worlds.” This book is an effective guide for our young readers in their quest to attain the truths of belief, Islam, and good character.

Author: Yusuf Karagol
Publisher: Tughra Books

ISBN 9781597843416
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