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Muslims, Christians, and Jesus: Understanding the World of Islam and Overcoming the Fears That Divide Us

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Carl Medearis provides new insights into the top questions people have about Muslims and Islam. With practical information and fascinating stories, he shares culturally sensitive ways for Christians to get to know Muslims on a personal level. In this updated and expanded edition, Medearis shares
· How more and more Muslims live "right next door," and how we can overcome the growing level of misinformation and fear
· The roots of modern-day jihad and how recent developments in the Middle East affect the West
· A new chapter answering tough questions about terrorism, Christian converts, and other key topics

Medearis shows how common ground is the best foundation for hearts turning to Jesus rather than focusing initially on the differences between Islam and Christianity.

Author: Carl Medearis
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers; Updated,

ISBN 9780764230318
Dimensions: 0