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Megan Smith


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Women in Science and Technology: Megan Smith gives readers in grades 1-3 a brief biography of the self-proclaimed technology evangelist who was the first woman to serve as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the United States. The little girl who was curious about everything now believes that everyone can use technology, data, and science to make the world a better place while reducing the human impact on the planet. She shows how fun the field of technology can be, and how people of all backgrounds can adventure together to solve the world's problems.

The biographies in this collection introduce students to influential women in science and technology, from astronauts to medical doctors. Each book includes a glossary, comprehension questions, a time line, and an extention activity.
Pub.Date: 08/11/2019, Paperback

Author: Koontz, Robin Michal
Publisher: Discovery Library

ISBN 9781731612243
Dimensions: 0