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Math Practice Test Book for High School Entrance Exams: 10 Math Practice Exams

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This book aims to prepare you for admission into top-ranked magnet schools across the country, including but not limited to the Bergen County Academies (which is ranked 3rd in New Jersey and 61st in the United States). In line with their pedagogical caliber, magnet schools have highly selective admissions processes that include admissions tests that rival American Math Competitions and International Olympiads. Preparing for such a test, therefore, requires students and teachers alike to think beyond formulaic methods, aspiring instead towards true mastery of the concepts involved. Successful students not only demonstrate academic engagement surpassing middle school levels, but they also showcase creative problem-solving abilities.

Author: Fatih Aydogdu
Publisher: IVY Learning & Test Prep

ISBN 9798365815513
Dimensions: 0