Mastering Knowledge in Modern Times Fethullah Gulen as an Islamic Scholar


Blue Dome Press

$ 11.95 $ 14.95
ISBN: 9781935295105
Ismail Albayrak / Blue Dome Press


Although a number of conferences have been organized in recent years emphasizing the social, civic and educational activities of the Gulen Movement, as well as Gulen's contribution to interreligious dialogue, very little attention has been paid to his formal and informal education, his scholarly works and his interpretation of basic Islamic sources and disciplines in the modern period. In fact, his expertise goes beyond the limitations of modern academic compartmentalization of Islamic studies. This edited book aims to explore Gulen's personal and theological profile in relation to Qur'anic exegesis (tafsir), Prophetic tradition (hadith), Islamic law (fiqh), Islamic systematic theology (kalam) , Sufism (tasawwuf), and Muslim heresiography.

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